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McMurry University - Band Camps

McMurry Summer Music Camps

What to Bring to Camp


  1. Your Instrument(s)
  2. Any music you might want to practice, etude books, solos, etc.
  3. Accessories and Supplies
  4. Pencils


  1. Lessons, Classes, and Rehearsals: Casual Slothes - Be Comfortable
  2. Recreation and Free Time: Swim Suits - Cut-Offs Not Allowed in Pool, Beach Towel, Sportswear, etc.
  3. Performance: Band Camp T-Shirt and Jeans or Shorts
  4. Comfortable Walking Shoes - we do not recommend flip-flop style shoes as many students have developed blisters or injuries in the past.

Supplies Necessary For Dormitory

  1. Extra Long Twin Sheets, Blanket, Pillow, and Pillow Case
  2. Bath Towels, Wash Cloth, Soap, and Other Toiletries
  3. You May Wish To Bring A Small Fan
  4. We Encourage Cell Phone Use Outside of Rehearsal
  5. Charger Cord


  1. You may bring a radio, cassette recorder, CD player, and softball glove.
  2. Money: most activities will be provided as part of the camp. You may want to bring money for cokes, snacks, souvenirs from our bookstore, etc.
  3. It is recommended that you do not bring excess amounts of cash with you. Bring only what is needed for vending machines, etc.
  4. Internet access will be available throughout camp.