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McMurry University - Band Camps

McMurry Summer Music Camps

Camp Rules & Regulations

  1. Be present and on time to all scheduled classes and camp events. Attendance will be taken in every class.
  2. Stay within campus boundaries at all times.
  3. Wear your camp name tag at all times.
  4. McMurry classes are in session during camp. Only enter buildings and rooms designated for camp activities in which you are involved.
  5. Bring all necessary materials to each rehearsal and class.
  6. Comply immediately with instructions given by camp counselors, staff, and faculty.
  7. Day camp activities end promptly at 5:30 pm, Monday - Friday. Day campers must be picked up by 6:00 pm each day. Pickup area is located outside of Bynum Band Hall.
    1. A Note for Day Campers: We encourage all of our campers to participate in the evening social activities! These begin at 7:00 pm each evening and end about 9:30 pm. Day campers have the option to add evening meals to their camp package. Please contact the camp office for details.
  8. Possession or consumption of alcohol, illegal drugs, or tobacco of any kind is strictly prohibited while in attendance at the McMurry University Band Camp.
  9. Firearms and other weapons are prohibited on the McMurry campus.
  10. Campers may not keep medications in their possession during camp.