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McMurry University Band Camps

McMurry Summer Music Camps

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact my child?

If you need to contact your child, you may call the camp office at (325) 793-3837 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Our administrative assistant will deliver the message to the counselor who supervises your child. In the event of an emergency after business hours, you may call campus security at (325) 793-4666. We also encourage cell phone usage outside of rehearsal. Students may not make personal calls from the camp office.

Are Instruments Provided?

Percussion / Guard Camps:
Instruments, flags, and rifles are not provided for these camps, with the exception of mallet-percussion instruments used in the front ensemble. Percussionists need to bring their own sticks and mallets, and battery percussion need to also bring their marching instrument, carrier, and hardware.

Band / Drum Major Camp:
Instruments are not provided for these camps. Drum majors will need their instruments for this camp.

When is the final concert or recital?

Each camp concludes with a grand concert or recital showcasing students' musical preparation throughout the week of rehearsals. The final concert or recital takes place on the final day of camp. Parents, family, and friends are invited to attend. The Exhibition Concert for the Percussion and Guard Camps will be held in Kimbrell Arena at 12:00pm on July 19th. The Band Camp Exhibition Concert will be held in Radford Auditorium on July 14th at 12:00pm. Specific information will be sent to participants in the weeks prior to camp.

Is parking available when I arrive on campus?

Parking is available to the public on campus throughout the duration of all camps. There is a large paved parking lot to the north of Bynum Band Hall and also a smaller parking lot at the entrance of the dormitory. Please visit the campus map at for more details.

What if my child must arrive late or leave early?

We understand that a camp participant may be required to leave for circumstances related to illness or family emergency. In the case that a participant considered to be a minor must leave the camp, a parent or guardian must notify the camp office at (325) 793-3837. The counseling staff will then be notified, and we will provide assistance to the student in making arrangements for departure.

If a camper will be arriving late to the camp, please notify the camp office in advance as of the exact time we can expect he/she to arrive.

Can my son/daughter leave campus for lunch?

Once students arrive in the morning, they are restricted to campus until the end of the day. Students may bring their lunch, but may NOT leave campus. Overnight campers are to remain on campus for the duration of camp.

Can I send my child the camp a day early? Can my child stay an extra night following the camp?

No. Staff will not be available to supervise students prior to the first scheduled day of camp or following the conclusion of camp. McMurry dormitories cannot accommodate early arrivals or late departures. Please make travel arrangements so that your child arrives on the first day and leaves at the conclusion of the camp.

When should my child be picked up on the last day of camp?

Students will be able to leave camp at the conclusion of the Exhibition Concert. Percussion and Guard Exhibition Concert will be in Kimbrell Arena on July 19th at 12:00pm, and the Band Camp Exhibition Concert will be in Radford Auditorium on July 14th at 12:00pm. Dormitory check out will be on the last day of both camps in the morning between 8:00am and 9:30am. For students who do not have a vehicle to store luggage in their luggage will be stored in Bynum Band Hall until the conclusion of the Exhibition Concert.

Do you offer scholarships for camp?

We no longer offer a scholarship for the McMurry Sumer Music Camps. In order to make the camp the most cost-effective for every camper we see, we have instead focused on lowering the overall price of our camps.

What is the refund policy?

Cancellation Prior to the July 1st:
Students or parents who cancel registration by Wednesday, July 1st are eligible to receive a full refund of camp tuition minus the non-refundable deposit. Please call the camp office by this date if you must cancel your registration and would like a refund. You can expect your refund in two to four weeks after cancellation.

Cancellation Following July 1st:
Students or parents who fail to notify the camp office of their intent to cancel registration by July 1st are ineligible to receive a refund of camp fees. Due to the advance deadline for room and board reports to the University Host, those cancelling registration on or after the first day of camp will not be eligible for a refund.